“Dr. Verma is a great surgeon, and maybe even more importantly, a caring and kind human. My brother recently had spine surgery and he is recovering remarkably well. Before surgery, Dr. Verma took the time to evaluate options, answer questions and alleviate concerns. He let us know that – due to the severity of my brother’s injury – it might become a more complex and risky procedure once they were in the operating room.  That’s exactly what happened. Dr. Verma took the time during the procedure to let me know what was happening and consulted with our family physician. Because he was honest and transparent before the procedure, we were able to quickly make informed decisions without hesitation. If I (or my children) needed spine surgery, I would be absolutely confident we were in terrific hands with Dr. Verma.”

“There are many who profess to help you with back problems promoting non-invasive wonders, healing therapies and pain reducing aids — but none can take the place of a Physician that KNOWS what he or she are doing. I have been blessed with finding such a Physician in Dr. Kushagra Verma. Dr. Verma has me walking again without pain and giving me the ability to truly enjoy life at 66 years old, and not be plagued with the mobility problems that attack so many my age. With an impressive background of achievement and most importantly, the experience of knowing what works, Dr. Verma helped correct severe spinal stenosis that could have paralyzed me and the potential scoliosis that would have made walking a chore, truly making me FEEL “old”. In short, I have a new lease on life thanks to him,…[and the complete surgical team at Long Beach Memorial Hospital]…that worked well with my insurance in meeting my every need. I can readily say that if you have a back problem, your first call should be to Dr. Verma”

“Dr Kushgara Verma was very thorough in his assessment of my physical complaint. He compared old MRI data to the current scans. Dr Verma spent quite a while explaining the test results at several appointments and then the options to resolve the problem. I felt very at ease knowing he was doing my surgery. After surgery Dr Verma was wonderfully attentive, calling to get frequent updates and visiting 2-3 times each day. Once home he called my husband to keep abreast of my status. I trust his judgement and his ethics of his practice. His kindness was very appreciated. His office, Beach Orthopaedics in Los Alamitos, was very efficient with information and paperwork. Staff is friendly and helpful. While surgery is never “fun” my experience as a surgical patient of Dr Verma was fabulous and I trust him implicitly.”

” I had back pain for 20+ years and had to see numerous doctors and no body was able to help. After fracturing my back and being referred to dr Verma, he did a spinal fusion on my back and now I feel great. he is the best and a very caring doctor 10/10 would recommend.” – Kelly D.

“You can’t imagine how wonderful it feels to stand upright and walk without a walker or cane. At the age of 76 (Feb. ’17) I was fortunate to have Dr. Verma re-do my spine at UWMC. I recommend him for spinal correction surgery. He is a miracle worker and allowed me to get a life again. He cares about his patients, listens, and works out personal solutions for spinal problems. YES, YES, YES…get that surgery. You won’t be sorry. Dr. Verma may tell you to call Lana. Call and I’ll share my story.”

“Dr. Verma handled my very complex spine surgery requiring a resection of bone to correct my alignment. He explained the entire process to me and my recovery was as expected. I can finally stand up straight. He changed my life and was invested in the process with me the entire time. He is passionate about scoliosis for children and adults. He also does volunteer surgery abroad on children.”