“Dr. Verma performed back surgery on my husband Tony in July. He had a cyst on 2 discs and was in terrible pain. Within one day, and ever since, he is 100% pain free. He is 77 and back to work and, more importantly, back to playing golf. Dr. Verma is a wonderful, caring person and, obviously, a great surgeon.”

“Dr. Verma is compassionate and caring. He spoke with me about my options and suggested researching. He gave me his personal cell number for any questions. He called me to ensure that my post op was going as planned without problems. Back surgery 1/2018. One year later I am able to do daily activities without pain. He has followed my progress and made suggestions for my plan.  I highly recommend Dr. Verma to anyone needing back surgery and care!”

“Impressed with Dr. Verma’s informative evaluation of my husband’s options concerning his serious spinal pain which was impeding  the quality of his life and mobility. Dr. Verma performed surgery in early June. During the process leading up to, and after surgery, Dr. Verma has been attentive, supportive and compassionate.  His follow-up during my husband’s recovery continues to be caring and is greatly appreciated!!”

“Outstanding Surgeon. Very patient oriented. Dr. Verma has ensured my pre and post op work has moved along very well. Dr. Verma performed spinal fusion surgery in December. He has closely followed my progress and been quickly available for any questions or concerns that have come up. He provided his cell so that I could contact him after hours and on weekends. I did, he answered quickly. The pain I was previously feeling is gone.  When he evaluated my case he provided multiple approaches to the surgery, clearly explaining each approach as well as it’s associated he advantages and disadvantages so that we came to an agreement of the best way to handle my case. Great Doctor”

“Knowing that Marv could not live the rest of his life with pain from hips to ankles, the first meeting with Dr. Verma gave the answer. Dr. Verma entered the examination room with grace, confidence and compassion. With us, it was love at first sight. Now, 2 1/2 weeks after surgery, Marv is walking without pain, and soon will walk without support. Thanks to you, Dr. Verma, for caring, skill, and excellent follow-through in every part of this experience”

“This man is genuinely doing priceless, wonderful things in this world! I blew out my back at the gym in February because of bad form and rushing through my session. This experience and pain has been life changing and terrifying. Dr Verma has been my saving grace. First of all he is an incredibly kind man! He was willing to make time to immediately see me with his already booked schedule. Gave me an overall assessment which included X-rays, and knew he needed a better look so sent me for an MRI. He gave me such a piece of mind, and reassurance that’s I knew I was in the best hands. Once we got them back he went over EVERYTHING in great detail, and truly took the time to explain exactly what happened in my lower back and what needed to be done to fix it and keep me safe from re-injury. I have seen him about 4 times since my initial accident and his careful direction, my back is feeling almost 100% again. Don’t gamble with your body, especially your spine. I hope that if you are reading this, and you are in pain, you make an appointment with Dr. Verma as soon as possible. He is the BEST doctor to help get you on the road to recovery.”

“Dr. Verma is a great surgeon.  He took wonderful care of my husband.  Listened to his concerns and took great care pre and post surgery. He even called me after my husbands surgery to make sure everything was going good.  His bed side manner and professionalism was great. I would highly recommend him to family and friends if they ever found themselves in need of this level of care.  In addition he was always timely for pre and post care follow-up appointments.”

“I was in serious pain from a severely herniated L5 which was pinching my sciatica. I worked through it for almost a year. After about 9 months my Primary Doctor gave me a referral and a personal recommendation for DR Verma. He said he is the best in the business and he was not wrong. I could tell how seriously he took his profession by how he treated me and my issue. He had a genuine empathy for my situation. He even gave me his personal cell phone number to call if it ever got really bad. I am sure I bugged him a lot in retrospect. After a few appointments, and the failure of PT and cortisone injections we decided that a Microdiskectomy was needed. L5-S1 the surgery was performed and the pitching pain that crippled me is gone. I did suffer from a rare complication due to an unforeseen bleeding issue that caused a CFS leak but, Dr Verma was there ever step of the way and talked with me and my wife as if we were family. I am now 3 months post op and in PT getting stronger week by week. I would highly recommend Dr Verma and his wisdom and talents to anyone who is seeking spinal advice to resolve any issues. He did not push me into surgery. He tried to avoid it but, I needed it and in the long run benefited from him his knowledge ability and empathy. His staff is top notch too. This is a Dr/ surgeon you’ll be forever grateful for seeing.” – Matt C.

“Dr. Verma is a very detailed surgeon. He cares about his patients and their well-being. He has excellent bedside manners which is very unique for surgeons. Dr. Verma is definitely an expert in his field. I went to Dr. Verma due to my other spine conditions and wanted to make sure I had a surgeon who had experience in those areas. I also wanted a specialist who was current on new spinal procedures and practices. Dr. Verma was the perfect choice. My surgery was successful and everything healed according to plan. Dr. Verma’s staff did a good job handling all of the insurance approvals and pre-certifications. I would highly recommend Dr. Verma if you are looking for a back specialist or surgeon.” – Wiliam W.

“Dr. Verma has been great throughout this whole process. I’ve had pretty bad back pain for almost 3 years now and it’s been tough finding a decent doctor who genuinely cares about his patients. Luckily I was referred to Dr. Verma who was all those things. What’s great about him is his concern for his patients, his professionalism, and his conservative approach. I would strongly recommend anyone with back or spinal issues to go see Dr. Verma. He’s been nothing short of exceptional.” – Sunil K.

“Dr. Verma is an exceptional surgeon and doctor. From wonderful hands on care, bedside manner, communication and expertise he is the best of the best. Before, during and after my fiancé’s microdisectomy he would take his time to answer our questions, ease our fears and keep us aware of the entire process and what to expect. I highly recommend Dr. Verma, and thank him for all that he did to fix my fiancé’s back issues.” – Anna W.

“I started having lower back pain, and pins and needles in my left leg in February 2019. I assumed I pulled a muscle or something. After about a month with no change I went to my primary care doctor for an ex ray and learned that I had L3-L4 stenosis, my L3 slipped and was bone on bone with my L4 and punching the nerve causing my left leg and foot to have pins and needles and go numb. My husband had an employee that had a workman’s comp back injury case a few years ago, Dr. Verma did his surgery and he was very happy with the results so I decided to make an appt. Dr. Verma looked at my ex rays and MRI and explained in layman’s terms what was going on in my back. I was so happy to have someone believe that I really had pain and explain to me what was causing it. He started me on physical therapy but explained it may help my pain by making my back stronger but only surgery would be able to realign my spine thereby freeing the pinched nerve. He offered me various shot options as well. After a few months of trying different things I decided to get surgery, he told me what my surgery options were in great detail so I could make an informed decision. I decided to go with the less invasive Inter Body Fusion of the L3-L4. To say I was nervous is an understatement. I was afraid to have anyone messing with my back but I couldn’t imagine living the rest of my life in pain. Dr. Verma had me come in with my husband a couple more times to make sure all of my questions were answered. He also gave us his personal cell phone in case we had more questions, my husband and I were shocked, we didn’t want to take it but he insisted. I’ve never had a doctor give me his personal phone number. On surgery day I was a hot mess. Dr. Verma knew I was was nervous and assured me I was in good hands. I had also been hearing good thing about him from the hospital staff. He’s kind and very personable which is unusual for a surgeon, he’s very in tune with what a patient is going through. Did it hurt, yes of course it hurt, but Dr. Verma was always honest and candid about the reality of what spine surgery entails. Everything that happened he had told me would happen so I was always informed as I went through the surgery and recovery process. There were no surprises. Dr. Verma did a exceptional job of giving the hospital all of the instructions and medications that I required. He came to see me after the surgery, I have no memory of that but my husband did. Then he called me that night to make sure he spoke to me and asked how I was doing, again I was on pain meds and all is a blur to me but my husband confirms the visits and calls. He also came to the hospital every day to check on me and called me in the hospital, I was only there two days! Dr. Verma warned me that with all of the swelling I may not get relief for a while but once I got home and some of the swelling subsided I could feel my leg again. The pinched nerve was no longer pinched! I’m about 6 weeks post op now and I start PT next week. My pinched nerve and back pain are gone and it’s amazing. The incisions he made to put in the hardware are very small, about an inch, and I have minimal scarring. I’m off all of the pain medication except for an occasional Advil when I over do it. I still have more recovery as my back continues to heal but I’m so happy with the results and I have no regrets. I would recommend anyone with back pain to see Dr. Verma. He’s kind, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and takes great pride in his work and helping people. He has given me my pain free life back and for that I’m grateful.” – Linda S.

“Dr. Verma provided me with excellent medical care and warm human interaction. His honesty, in letting me know what I was facing and what he could and could not do, was refreshing and gave me confidence in his recommendations. My decompression surgery was totally successful in relieving my pain. My recovery has been steady and easier than I anticipated.”

“When health challenges hit our family, we not only needed a partner in the healthcare with shared values but also with the best professional practice in the industry. We got both in Dr. Verma. He became the source of calm in the midst of the turbulent and violent health storm our family was in the midst of. There were obvious signs that severe pain had taken its toll on my mother in law and she was starting to slowly give up on life. Thanks Dr. Verma for giving her a new lease on life.”

“I swore I would never have back surgery after witnessing my mother go through 4 surgeries without successful outcomes. However, in 2018, the pain in my legs drove me to seeks help. I tried Physical Therapy, Chiropractic treatments, and epidural injections. Nothing helped, so I went to see Dr. Verma who shares a practice with an orthopedic surgeon I had a successful experience with 7 years ago. Dr Verma is not only a great surgeon, but also takes time to patiently explain what is wrong, how it can be fixed, and the options available for a successful outcome. I saw him about a half dozen times before scheduling surgery—his patience, and ability to explain the situation is very reassuring. I had spine surgery by Dr. Verma in June of 2019, and as soon as I woke from the surgery, I knew the pain in my legs was gone. Now, I am looking forward to traveling, and leading an active lifestyle pain-free, thanks to Dr. Verma!”

“On April 16 2019 my husband had to have ACDF surgery on his neck, Mike had never in his life had any surgery, we met Dr Verma and liked him immediately, he explained everything in detail, the day of surgery he spent time with me, he has great bedside manners which some people look for, we needed a honest educated doctor and we found that in Dr Kushagra Verma. Mike has since had a few check up’s the doctor is honest, thoughtful, he knows what he is talking about when it comes to this type of surgery, genuinely….Dr Verma is the best. I have referred 2 friends to him, and the office staff is just as 5***** as he is. Dr Verma is the best if I ever needed ortho surgery I’d have him do it in a heartbeat”

“My mother was in a wheelchair for almost three years until she had hip replacement surgery in June of 2018. As she began walking she began having excruciating pain in her lower back and was recommended to Dr. Verma. Of all the doctors we have been to see, Dr. Verma is by far the most patient, caring man by far. My mother is in early stages of dementia and he was abundantly patient with her. He took the time to explain in detail what was needed to help relieve her pain. She underwent surgery in November 2018 and has been slowly getting back her ability to walk. Dr. Verma even called her personally after she was home about a week just to check to see how she was doing. We had a medication issue with our pharmacy after her surgery and he was quick to get that fixed as well. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Verma to anyone who is in need of this type of doctor.”

“Dr. Verma is a kind and caring doctor. He listens to your questions and concerns and will answer any and all questions. I had a lumbar fusion and I was pain free within two weeks of my surgery. I had a visit from Dr. Verma each day I was hospitalized and the nurse told me that Dr. Verma called three times the day after my surgery to find out how I was doing. He left his contact information for me and the nurses while I was in the hospital and because he left his contact information for the nurses they were very impressed with Dr. Verma. He followed up with phone calls to my home to be sure I was doing well. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Verma to anyone with spinal problems.”

“Dr Verma performed back surgery on my husband last December. My husband had been in pain for over 15 years and his pain was severely interfering with our lives. After 6 months he is living a normal life which includes long bicycle rides (50 miles) that he had given up on.Thank you Dr Verma. The incredible thing about Dr Verma besides his outstanding surgical skills, is the care and concern for patients. Dr Verma called daily after the surgery to see how my husband was doing and would answer any and all questions. If a care or question came up we could always call him and he would get back to us immediately. He even called me, the wife/caregiver, to see how I was doing and to hear my feedback on my husbands recovery. Dr Verma earns a 5 star rating from me.”