“In addition to his outstanding credentials, Dr. Kushagra Verma has much to recommend him. Upon first meeting him, one has a sense of a compassionate, caring physician interested in his patient as a person.  His analysis of your specific physical situation is spot on.  In my case, he explained my ddiagnosis and treatment options very carefully.  He encouraged me to set up an appointment to include family members so that they, as well as myself, could better understand the diagnosis and proposed surgery.  Not only that, but he provided me with his personal cell phone number so that I could call him with any questions or concerns.  How many doctors do that??? You would think, being a surgeon, that his automatic solution would be surgery.  Not so.  He considers not only the option of surgery but also the extent of the surgery very carefully, finally choosing only the most necessary procedure to obtain optimum results.  Neither does he try to influence your decision.  He provides you with many options and explains the probable outcome of each.  He also encourages you to get second opinions. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Verma and would not hesitate to recommend him highly to others.”

“Dr. Verma isn’t just your surgeon for a day, he is your partner in the long haul of this entire process. My husband, Jason came to him with a herniated disc between C6/C7 with a lot of pain and numbness down his arm and into his fingers, and weakening of the arm muscles by the day. Dr Verma first worked with Jason to find solutions before opting for surgery; that spoke volumes to us. Once surgery was in fact determined, he worked with us through the options of fusion vs disc replacement, talked through surgical location options to make us feel most comfortable, and worked diligently with our insurance up until the day before the procedure. When the insurance company gave us issues, Dr Verma immediately got them on the line to work it out. He was our advocate and our champion, and we felt like we had a true partner. Day of the disc replacement, Dr Verma was highly available, communicative, and reassuring. We saw him multiple times prior to the procedure to go through the process and ask him absolutely any questions we still had. As the spouse, I spent a good amount of time in the waiting room. While The Los Alamitos Center had a really great color-coding system to notify you of their process (pre-op, in surgery, post-op, etc.) Dr Verma himself came out well before the system was updated to tell me of the procedure’s success. I was in the waiting room for hours with many different families, and I was the only one to get a personal update from the doctor. Everyone else just got calls from the nurse station. Dr Verma came out multiple times to update and reassure me. He was personal and open, and I felt I truly had a compassionate partner in the process. He even gave me his cell phone and encouraged me to call for anything. All this, and my husband truly had a “routine” and successful surgery. Dr Verma is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, but also truly knows how to work with a patient and their family. I don’t know many doctors that succeed at both. I would trust Dr. Verma again, and absolutely recommend him as a surgeon.”

“On Sept. 10, 2019 Dr. Verma performed an Anterior Cervival Discectomy and Fusion at the C6 – C7 level in my neck. A family member who is in the medical field prior to my decision to have the surgery vetted Dr. Verma. All individuals contacted at UCI and Memorial Medical Center reported back high praise for Dr. Verma’s surgical expertise and all around professionalism. My experience leading up to and following my surgery has been nothing but tremendous. Dr. Verma handled himself much different from other surgeons I have dealt with in the past. Attentive, compassionate and supportive. Do to a very active lifestyle my lower back will need some work in the future. Dr. Verma will be the guy. P.S. It’s been only 5 weeks and I’m back in gym! Nice”

“I was referred to Dr. Verma by my family doctor, due to tingling and numbness on my left side. Xray and mri indicated that i had cervical stenosis. Dr. Verma explained thoroughly and also referred write ups on this ailment. He suggested therapy since i was not comfortable with having surgery right off the bat. After a few sessions, with no results, I decided to have the surgical procedure. The procedure went very well! Dr. Verma was there when i woke to see how i was doing and to answer questions. He also came back before discharge. His bedside manner was excellent, and that speaks volumes to me. He also gave me his personal phone number for questions or concerns that i may have. Texts and phone calls were all answered during my recover period. This was an excellent overall experience! Thank you Dr. Verma!!!” – Peter F.

“Four months of frustration with loss of feeling and motor skills in my hands and legs, led me to meet Dr. Verma. Within minutes of seeing my neck MRI, he was able to diagnose, and suggest the best options to help me return to normal day to day life. I was in an accident last year and like most people, I felt fine right after and didn’t think anything until I started noticing small things in my legs and hands that started working differently with less ability in both. Dr. Verma was extremely personable in our initial consultation and was very up front and honest with my options. After doing my due diligence, and learning about Dr. Verma’s skills, experience, and outreach, I knew I was in the best hands and decided to move forward with my ACDF procedure. Dr. Verma and everyone at his office, worked diligently to help me get the best appointment available and made me feel like I was the only patient they were focusing on. This is HUGE in my eyes. The day of my procedure, I was a bit anxious but everything from the pre-op to post-op wheelchair ride out, was extremely comfortable. Especially Dr. Verma’s follow ups, checking in on me after a swift operation. I really felt like he was my personal surgeon and we went through this together. He was always patient with all of my questions, concerns, and ALWAYS asked if there was anything else I was feeling or thinking about. I’m confident you will not find a surgeon with a more personal concierge approach to his practice. I just got back home from a beautiful long walk outside with my niece and nephew and I’m feeling grateful to have met Dr. Verma and I highly recommend him as a surgeon.”

“Dr. Verma is a great surgeon. He took wonderful care of my husband. Listened to his concerns and took great care pre and post surgery. He even called me after my husbands surgery to make sure everything was going good. His bed side manner and professionalism was great. I would highly recommend him to family and friends if they ever found themselves in need of this level of care. In addition he was always timely for pre and post care follow-up appointments.”